Productive Commuting Is Easy With Podcasts

Around our Relentless Marketing Solutions office, we often chat about how we can stay productive during our respective commutes. Enter podcasts. In particular, we’re excited about discussions on technology from these sources:

  • This Week in Tech: We’re all about up-to-the-minute news on what’s going on in the world of technology, and this podcast delivers. More importantly, the guests change each week, which allows us to hear diverse perspectives from several authorities on different tech topics.
  • TEDTalks Technology Podcast: During our Relentless Marketing Solutions meetings, someone invariably refers to a TEDTalk. Now we can tune into these bite-sized nuggets of great advice. Each one is short enough to listen and learn while on the go. Like their video counterparts, the subjects are varied and offer a variety of viewpoints. 
  • “Starting From Nothing” – The Foundation Podcast: Take technology and add a dose of entrepreneurial wisdom, and we get this podcast. We can appreciate the valuable insights on how to build a tech start-up. The can-do attitudes professed support our Relentless Marketing Solutions philosophy. 
  • AskGaryVee Show Podcast: This is another example of a podcast that combines tech updates with marketing wisdom. We look forward to tuning in and hearing this host impart his vast knowledge.


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